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Spring Puppy Training

Wes Barr KennelsWithout skipping the puppy stage, Barr Kennels offers a spring puppy program for pups 6+ months of age that will introduce your young companion to all of the elements he or she needs to make them a successful bird dog. Barr Kennels' puppy program is designed with a more advanced training program in mind that will prepare your puppy to move into the higher stages of training that will help them be all they can be. To get to this level, your puppy needs proper and wise introductions to birds and to the gun. Your puppy also needs a natural development of field smarts. Above all, your puppy needs to develop confidence and boldness integrated with understanding of his or her role in YOUR life. In our spring program, your puppy will be introduced to birds and to the gun shot using a proven method that will prevent fear or shyness. They will also be introduced to a natural progression of handling in the field without diminishing boldness and independence. Years and years of training experience helps Barr Kennels to recognize what stage of training your puppy is in and when they are ready to advance to a new stage of training. Bar Kennels recognizes that all puppies have different personalities and they each need to move at their own pace.

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